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The m@us-Team

Employees from the Wolfsburg Sales team carry out research for customers around the world.

How much light does a panoramic sliding roof let through? How many Golf Clubsports has Volkswagen made? What’s the correct way to apply a touch-up stick? Or even: how do I make Volkswagen’s currywurst? It’s questions like these that the Information Management team from the Customer Care & Sales division answers day in, day out, acting on behalf of customers throughout the entire company.

Questions about questions

Around 1.7 million customer queries are received each year by importers around the world and the customer hotline within Germany. Most answers can be provided with the help of the knowledge database, although around 2,000 a year require further research into the various divisions of Volkswagen AG by the Information Management team.

"We love Volkswagen customers and feel we can identify with them. We truly do welcome their questions and love finding out the answers," shares Ruven Meyer. Ruven is one of ten "detectives" working on behalf of Golf, Tiguan orand Polo drivers and is keen to emphasize that "it is our pleasure to help our customers out by answering their questions regarding the Volkswagen brand."

So how do these questions reach the Wolfsburg-based team in the first place? Customers the world over can contact their dealers, Volkswagen importers or even Volkswagen directly. If the customer advisers in the local Customer Care Centers don’t know the answers themselves, they can turn to the knowledge database that has been put together by Volkswagen. This has been redesigned from scratch and currently contains around 25,000 entries concerning technical information relating to operation, functionality, upgrades, modification and delivery capacity of vehicles.

"Our primary objective is to ensure we have the knowledge available to answer any questions our customers may have. Our database learns something new every day. Even the most basic customer query doesn’t simply disappear into the ether once it has been answered. The team decides whether it should be made into a specialist article within the new database," explains employee Valerio Giorgi.

The database is maintained by the Information Management team, which goes by the name of m@us. m@us? "We launched a competition to come up with a name on the Volkswagen portal. One of our colleagues clearly saw a connection between the work we do and the German kids’ TV show, ‘Die Sendung mit der Maus’ (‘The Show with the Mouse’), which features a mouse who knows everything there is to know about anything as she asks so many questions. This is exactly why we chose it as the name for our database. We even refer to ourselves as the m@us team now," explains Project Manager Oliver Strozynski with a wink.

Questions are often asked for the very first time, which is when the "detectives" can really come into their own on behalf of the customers. They go on the hunt for the right point of contact and carry out the necessary research. Once they have the answers they need, these are then passed on to the importer or customer advisers in the Customer Care Center before being forwarded on to the customers. "We can’t waste any time when it comes to keeping our customers satisfied. We’re always ready to spring into action whenever they need us," emphasizes Sub-Department Manager Daniel Wojtek.

So what types of questions do customers typically ask? They generally relate to typical vehicle issues, but they also include questions on digital topics such as “We deliver,” which is where deliveries can be left in the trunks of customers’ vehicles, explains Wojtek. Two mice are perched on the cabinet behind him in the office – stuffed animals, that is, not the real thing – so there’s certainly nomistakingthat this is the home of the m@us team!