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An initial group of employees will be granted access to HR Self Services in October.

Volkswagen is improving services for its employees. In October, the first of Volkswagen AG’s approximately 115,000 employees will be able to use HR Self Services. HR Self Services are applications that each employee can use independently whenever they want. Starting in January 2019, these services will be available to all employees – even those who can’t use a company PC. They can access and log in to the services from their personal smartphones or computers.

Do you want to be able to view your schedule anytime, anywhere and better plan your personal life? Not a problem! Do you want an easy way to set up a carpool? Take a look at the team calendar to see which coworkers will be in the office next month and when! Do you need access to your payslips for the past 24 months? That’s also going to be possible online in future.

Gianni Cavaliere (right) and Rafael Bartell (both in Quality Assurance at the Wolfsburg plant) check HR Self Services.

You can find more information on registering in "Volkswagen Group SecureLogin"
→ Services → Me at VW
→ Volkswagen Group SecureLogin

Every employee at the six locations in Wolfsburg, Braunschweig, Salzgitter, Emden, Kassel and Hanover will be able to use these services from both company and personal devices in future. Chief Human Resources Officer Gunnar Kilian says, "We want to make things easier for our employees and speed up processes. We agreed on that in the Zukunftspakt and we are putting it into practice. We’re making Volkswagen more modern, more digital and more attractive as an employer with HR Self Services. At the same time, we’re relieving HR employees of routine tasks."

Gunnar Kilian, 
Chief Human Resources Officer
Volkswagen AG

Works Council Chairman Bernd Osterloh says, "In the digital age, it really should be standard for employees to be able to access such services on their cell phones. This service is a good start, but it’s just a drop in the bucket. It’s taken two years from the initial concept to the implementation of the service; hopefully, with newly assigned areas of responsibility, things will move along faster now. By the way, there’s no need to worry that any positions will be cut just because employees can now access their data themselves."

In addition to the above services, the company is providing additional services in a separate HR Self-Service Area for Executives. As a manager, do you need a quick overview of birthdays or employment anniversaries in your department? In the future, you can just take a look online! You won’t miss any more important dates, and your team will appreciate you for it. You can also see the attendances and absences of your team in the team calendar – and in real time, as the calendar is updated after each entry in the personnel system.

Starting in October, the first employees will be able to log into HR Self Services. "Each employee will receive a personal notification as soon as they have been activated. Of course, precautions have been taken to ensure that personal data is secure. If you want to access HR Self Services from your personal device, you first have to complete a one-time registration for Volkswagen’s authentication procedure, Volkswagen Group SecureLogin," explains Michael Ritter, Head of Group Personnel IT Strategy and Systems. Registration is already open.

Michael Ritter,
Head of Group Personnel IT Strategy and Systems